Polydor HiFi Stereo - Happy South America

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Little Boxes and other favourites by Nina and Frederik

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Forgotten Albums Goes To The Movies

I mentioned in my review of 'Sincerely Yours' about my first experience of listening to The Malcolm Wilce Duo.  However, I feel that I didn't do it justice, so have lovingly recreated that moment using the original cast and made a short film about it.  A very short film.  About 40 seconds kind of short.  Short.  It's short.  Watch it.  It's very short.  Thank you.



Interview with Mark Helmore, the beat of The Malcolm Wilce Duo

Older readers of Forgotten Albums will know that I like to try and do what I laughingly call 'research' on the albums I feature here.  Of course, what that really means is that I do a quick google search and hope for the best, regurgitating any tasty morsels that I find.  And yet 'The Malcolm Wilce Duo' remained a bit of a mystery for me.  Most of the results I could find were catalogue entries listing a whole career's worth of albums, but no hard facts about the Duo themselves.


Ah, but then, but then, nestling amongst the text under the link on the final page of my search were the words 'former drummer with Malcolm Wilce Duo'.  Hope bursting in my heart, I clicked on the link to MTH Dancing, and there on the front page was the man from the cover of 'Sincerely Yours' looking back at me.  Older, wiser, but unmistakably the same man.


A couple of e-mails and a few texts later, I found myself on the phone to Mark for in interview to try and find out more about The Malcolm Wilce Duo, and Sincerely Yours....


(All photos are ©Mark Helmore 2017, and taken from his website - link below)

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The Malcolm Wilce Duo - Sincerely Yours

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Why this exists - the short version

Against all popular wisdom, I collect these albums based purely on their cover.  If I think it's quirky, interesting or just plain ugly, then I'll buy it.  The test then is whether the music has stood the test of time.  I can guide, but only you can decide!