This blog has bounced around the internet like a drunk man in an alley.  It started way back in 2006 on LiveJournal, followed by a mirror on Dreamwidth, and then eventually moved to its own domain in 2007.  Despite faltering in 2010 due to work and family commitments, the cupboard full of dusty vinyl has been calling to me to come back.  So biting the bullet, replacing the stylus and cleaning out my ears, I bring you the new and hardly improved


Here is the About section from the original website.  Still explains it pretty well...


For as long as I can remember, I've been fascinated by the huge piles of albums that occupy a dingy corner in most British charity shops. They were a window onto a different world - artists and styles that had long since had their day.

Some names would crop up time and time again; Nana Mouskouri. Roger Whittaker. Harry Secombe. Hordes of "As seen on TV" compilations and piecework box-sets would lurk around the edges. Classical pieces played by the Black Dyke Mill Band and "Your All-Time Favourite Singalong Oom-Pah Songs" sit alongside 12" singles by Mel & Kim and the only album by "The West Midland's Favourite Grandpa".

In short, there's something for everyone, but nobody seems to want it.

Recently I'd noticed a disturbing trend. A number of charity shops have stopped stocking vinyl. I can only assume that with the near dominance of the CD, and the younger generation having no interest in 'Peters and Lee', there just isn't the market for albums any more, and they're taking up valuable space that could be used for net curtains and china dogs.

The Highbrow Reason for this journal

Now that these Charity Shops seem to be moving away from selling vinyl, there is a huge body of work that will be lost and forgotten, probably forever. Most of these albums are seriously unlikely to be reissued in any kind of electronic format. There just isn't the market for them. C'mon now, if they can't sell them in charity shops, then where is the market?

Therefore, rather than let these musical gems fade into obscurity, I can rescue a few to be recorded and remembered. To breathe enough life into these records that they can have their swansong. It's an opportunity to ensure that part of our musical heritage is remembered for what it was.

The Real Reason for this journal

What were those people thinking when they released this rubbish? No, really? Did they ever honestly think there was a market for love songs performed by Bernard Manning* Dear oh dear.

And they look pretty funny too.

So, take a look. I hope to update roughly once a week with my latest find. Picture, text and sound-clips will all be available. So enjoy. This might be your last chance to hear...

*Yes, this album does exist, and spurred me to start this journal. However, by the time I went back to buy said record, it had mysteriously disappeared. I can't believe it had actually sold, but stranger things have happened...